About Froxlor.Support

What is Froxor.Support?

Froxlor.Support is a support service network for the server management panel Froxlor and offers commercial support and help for installation and configuration of Froxlor and needed services.

Who is behind Froxlor.Support?

Froxlor.Support is operated by Michael Kaufmann (d00p), the lead developer of Froxlor. Our supporters are active Froxlor developers or participants, so you can be sure that your problems will be solved accurately.

How does Froxlor.Support work?

It's simple. Register your free account by pressing on 'register now' on the right side of the startpage. You will then receive an email with an activation-code to verify your email address. When your account has been activated you just have to get some Frox-Coins and you can start your support-session.

What do I have to pay for the service?

The registration and usage of Froxlor.Support is free and does not require a regular charged membership. Support-tickets are being charged with our internal currency 'FroxCoins'. You can buy FroxCoins online at any time which can be used to perform various actions like starting a support-session (starting from 200 FroxCoins, depending on the desired task) or re-opening a closed support-ticket (100 FroxCoins).

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Payment, FroxCoins & more

What are 'FroxCoins' and what are they for?

FroxCoins are the internal currency used in our system. FroxCoins can be bought online via Paypal/creditcard when you are logged in on Froxlor.Support.

How much does a 'FroxCoin' cost in EUR/USD?

1 EUR is equivalent to to 10 FroxCoins (~1.30 USD). To start a support session, you need 200 FroxCoins.

Are there other possibilities of paying besides PayPal?

Currently, only PayPal can be accepted. We're working hard on a solution to accept credit-cards directly. Bank-transfer is only available for individual arrangements, for more information contact us.

I have bought FroxCoins but they have not been credited

This could be a possible error in the Paypal-gateway or internally. Please contact us immediately at sales@froxlor.support

Can I exchange FroxCoins to get my money back?

Sorry, re-exchange is not possible. In case you ordered too many FroxCoins by accident, please contact us at sales@froxlor.support

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Composing support-tickets

Why can't I compose an answer to a support-ticket?

Please be sure that you have a sufficient contingent of FroxCoins. If you encounter any errors when trying to create/answer a ticket, please send the according information (what you wanted to do, error-messages, etc.) to dev@froxlor.support

Why has my support-ticket been closed?

Support-tickets are not being closed by any supporter or administrator. The customer itself is the only person who can decide whether to close the support-ticket or not. Supporter may close the ticket in case there has been no answer to a closing-request for at least four weeks. In case your ticket has been closed without your authorization, please contact us at sales@froxlor.support

Can I use HTML in my support-tickets?

Due to security reason, we do not allow HTML-usage in the support-ticket messages. If you need to markup your message, you can use Markdown for formatting

Do I have to add a server for a support-ticket?

No, you don't need to add your server. This is optional but might be necessary for the supporter depending on your needs. Adding one or more servers gives you the possibility to assign support-tickets to a server so you can see what issues occured on which server.

Your server-data is handled with extreme care and is not used for anything else but the support-session. You can always remove a server if you think it's not needed anymore.

Please also note that we use a secure transfer via SSL-certificate to protect your sensitive data.

Why do I have to enter access data to the server?

You don't have to but a supporter might need to gain access to the server depending on the given problem. If you don't want to enter any access data, the supporter will try to explain needed steps to you via the support-ticket.

Please also note that we use a secure transfer via SSL-certificate to protect your sensitive data.

How does the public-key authorization work?

If you don't want to enter your root-passwords here, you can also download our public-key (Download here)

To be able to use this method, you have to edit your /etc/ssh/sshd_config and set PubkeyAuthentication yes.
Please restart your ssh-server afterwards.

Please don't forget to setup sudo or else Froxlor.Support might not be able to gain required privileges on your server.

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